The ultimate checklist to finding your dream kitesurfing destination 🙌


The ultimate checklist to finding your dream kite spot


By: Wyndee Team

Kitesurfing has won hearts of hundreds of millions of people round the world. If you have friends who kitesurf, I can bet you have already listen to them enthusiastically explaining you how amazing the sport is. Stunning beaches on roads less traveled, bohemian towns and a global community of passionate souls who worship the sport like a religion. There really is a true magic in riding the ocean under burning sun and feeling total freedom deep in your heart.

Kitesurfing can be (and for many became) a very addictive affair. But like everything – the best things in life do not come easy. Learning to kite requires resilience, patience and occasionally a few bruises or a sunburn. Starting in the right kite spot can make a real difference in how fast you progress and how much fun you have in the process. Wyndee team has prepared the ultimate checklist to finding your dream kite spot.

# 1: Wind is king… Because no wind means no kiting

✔ Most kitesurfing spots are in season only a fraction of the year. Check wind probability before you book. Kite spots with most reliable wind such as top kite destinations in Brazil, Egypt, Morocco or Mexico can offer over 90% wind probability in kite season.

✔ Your ideal wind is in the range of 13-20 knots with as little gusts as possible.
✔ Familiarise yourself with the typical wind schedule at the spot – some spots get windy only a fraction of the day (am/pm) and make it does not interfere with you non-kitesurfing plans.
✔ Don’t forget that mother nature is unpredictable so keep checking the wind forecast on the spot and stay in touch with your kite school for class schedule updates.

# 2: A killer kite spot

✔ Look for non-crowded places. Learning to control your kite and the board will keep you busy at the start. Being able not to worry about other kitesurfers around you will make your learning experience safer and less stressful. Same holds for beaches with many rocks or barriers around.
✔ Starting a lagoon with shallow water will allow your instructor to be in the water with you and give you all the support you need at the start. Not even mentioning that being able to walk and pick up your board can save you a lot of class time and money.
✔ If you are an intermediate rider, learning at an open water off the boat is a perfect option – it will save the the upwind “walk of shame” on the beach (at the start you will only know how to ride in the direction of the wind -”downwind”, meaning you will have to walk through the beach all the way back.
✔ Look for lagoons and beaches with flat water – learning to control the kite and the board with large waves can be challenging even for skilled riders and avoiding choppy waters will save you some water to drink/go into your face when body dragging (learning to control the kite without the board).

Disclaimer: Don’t forget you don’t need to have it all – the more challenges you learn to cope with since the start, the more ready you will be for the independent riding.

# 3: A vibe that is close to your heart

We have designed Wyndee  such that you can refine by your own preferences to find the truly best sport for you. Kite spots generally tend to be pretty laid back places. That said each spot has different atmosphere suitable for different type of travellers (and their better halfs and families), best places for nightlife, families, culture or cities… and much more.
✔ No wind days – sometimes a nice break from the routine but too many can turn into a nightmare of a kitesurfer, that we all have been through. Don’t forget to check out the plan B.
✔ Riding in boardshorts/bikinis makes a big difference of a thick wetsuit? Don’t forget to check out the water temperature.
✔ There is something magic about kiting in remote places – the feeling of discovering an off the beaten track spot and enjoying the tranquility of unspoiled nature. Getting there, meeting new people or even getting hold of a sandwich for a lunch could be a mission. Don’t forget to check out the logistics and facilities of where you off to on your school’s Wyndee profile.
✔ Price differs massively, take into account.